Benefits of Tooth Implants

Tooth Implants in Valrico Improve Your SmileTooth implants provide many functions, including:

  • Replacing one or many missing teeth
  • Supporting a non-removable dental bridge
  • Reinforcing removable, implant supported dentures, without sticky or messy adhesives
  • Helping prevent receding gums, bone loss, and losing more teeth
  • Making it easier to chew food and talk clearly (although hopefully not at the same time!)

Trying to decide between dentures or implants? Over time, dentures change the shape of your mouth and create discomfort because of how they exert pressure on the jaw bone. Implant-supported dentures avoid this problem by bonding with the jawbone. This strong bond prevents the bone loss that often occurs from missing teeth. If your dentures are already causing you pain, or if you want to prevent them from doing so, consider learning more about implant-supported dentures.

How Tooth Implants Help Our Valrico Patients

Thanks to the latest developments in dental technology, tooth implants provide many benefits to those suffering from tooth loss:

  • Long Lasting – Unlike a dental bridge that often wears out in only ten years, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Dental tooth implants are also made of material even stronger than tooth enamel that protects them from staining or decaying.
  • More Natural – Tooth implants feel and function just like normal teeth, only requiring the same flossing and brushing as your other teeth.
  • Highly Successful – The success rate of a tooth implant permanently bonding to the jaw bone is in the upper 90% range.
  • Visually AppealingDental implants make your smile and your face look younger and healthier by filling in unattractive gaps and reinforcing the bone structure.
  • Helpful for Eating – Once they have bonded, tooth implants are as strong as natural teeth, allowing you to confidently eat any food you want.
  • Less Disruptive – Unlike a dental bridge that requires the grinding of adjacent teeth, tooth implants leave the rest of your teeth intact.
  • More Comfortable – Dental implants can help dentures fit more securely and comfortably.

Benefits of the Implant Supported Denture Experience

When you get tooth implants from Dr. Bynum, you are choosing one of the most qualified dentists in the field. Dr. Bynum devotes countless hours to continuing his education in the rapidly evolving field of implant dentistry, and even provides implant dentistry instruction to other dentists. He and his highly-trained team will ensure that you receive the highest quality of care at each step of your procedure and recovery, whether you are receiving a dental bridge, dentures or implants.

If tooth loss or painful dentures is interfering with how you function or how you feel, don’t delay and call our office today for a consultation about tooth implants. You deserve to get back your confident smile and be comfortable again.

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